Nande retains Gold Cup

Nande retains Gold Cup

Rudi Bowe

 The coastal golf star Likius Nande sustained his mammoth golfing year as he keeps possession of the Klipdrift Gold Cup.

 The two-day competition that took place at the Windhoek Golf and Country Club last weekend saw a fine turnout of fifty-two players from all over the country in action completed the 52-hole tournament.

The full results are:

 Overall best gross

  1. Likius Nande (212)
  2. Gabriel Shikodi (217)

Overall best nett

  1. Gert Olivier (210)
  2. Karel Swarts (211)

A division best gross
1. Damien da Silva (229)

  1. Walter Heibeb (233)

A division best nett
1. XL Xhang (215)

  1. Anton Bonifatius (215)

B division best gross
1. Jonas Katti (243)

  1. Joseph Martin (244)

B division best nett
1. Charlie Lohmann (211)

  1. Charly Haoseb (213)

C division best gross
1. Ian Wood (170)

  1. Toady Gurirab (176)

C division best nett
1. Lukas Steven (137)

  1. Riaan Schwartz (146)



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