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“Slow moving aquaculture states face numerous challenges”

  The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, has recently highlighted the issue of the growing hitches of fisheries management, and identified it as an issue of international concern, at the annual gathering of ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries) ministers of Fisheries in Belgium. Esau singled out the problem of Biological science […]

Pedestrian run over

  A pedestrian was run over by a truck Wednesday morning in the vicinity of Pupkewitz, Walvis Bay after he accidentally slipped and landed under the truck. According to a Walvis Bay traffic officer who was at the scene, the pedestrian sustained minor injuries when the incident ocurred at approximately 07:30. “The man was running […]

Police still investigating armed robbery

The armed robbery that ocurred next to Kleinest Nest in Walvis Bay on Sunday night, is still under investigation and the suspects remain at large. A Korean man was injured after five men broke into his house and escaped with his belongings. The newspaper spoke to the victim himself who said “I unfortunately cannot comment […]

Demonstration at Memorial statue

The organiser of “Operation Back 2 Germany”, Mr Laidlaw Peringanda, this week informed the Swakopmund Municipality of a peaceful gathering at the Marine Denkmal statue near the Statehouse, as part of their appeal to remove this historical monument. The statue in memorial of fallen German marine soldiers supposedly reminds a group of Swakopmund residents of […]

“Rumours that SPCA will relocate are false”

After rumors surfaced that the erven of the Walvis Bay SPCA  are in a process of being sold/will be sold by the Municipality and that the SPCA will relocate, namib times established that it is incorrect. The Kennelmaster of the SPCA, Mrs Bernice Grobler, has told the newspaper that she is unaware of any rumors […]

Local Authorities blamed for housing, land row

Local Authorities are to be blamed for the land and housing backlog, Namibia is currently facing. This was the words of the Ghetto Assistance Centre’s (GAC) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Fritz Gowaseb, at a press conference in Swakopmund, yesterday. According to Gowaseb, some Town Councils have so many internal squabbles, resulting in them to become […]

Hage Geingob calls for Unity in Swapo

Swapo leader Geingob made the call yesterday, at the opening of the party’s Central Committee (CC) meeting in the capital, aimed at discussing the party’s Politburo Report and current developments concerning the land issue in the country, and in order to address the pressing needs for all people. He said the Swapo Party Government will […]

Aboriginal Khoe-San condemns AR Movement

With President Hage Geingob meeting with the leaders of the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Movement today to discuss the burning land-issue, the Aboriginal Khoe-San of Namibia Renaissance Movement this week also joined the party. In a press statement they condemn the AR and note that it appears to be a long-planned strategy of Swapo. This movement […]

Teen-Korrupsie-eenheid takel Karibib

Verslaggewer: Marshallino Beukes Hoogs betroubare inligting tot die koerant se beskikking dui daarop dat die Teen-Korrupsie-kommissie besig is met ondersoeke in Karibib, nadat ongerymdhede met die verkoop van erwe blykbaar daar ontstaan het. Ons bron dui aan dat beskikbare erwe deur die Karibibse Dorpsraad geadverteer is en van die voornemende kopers skynbaar deposito’s op erwe, wat glad nie Ministeriële- […]

Salt-strike intensifies

Salt-strike intensifies

Reporter: Marshallino Beukes “Union successfully opposed company’s urgent court application” With the strike of approximately 170 employees at Walvis Bay Salt Holdings still continuing, the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) Walvis Bay Salt Holdings Branch has successfully opposed an urgent court application, instituted by Walvis Bay Salt Refineries. The MUN sent out a press release in this regard, noting […]