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The Whistler of the World celebrates 90 Years

The Whistler of the World celebrates 90 Years

The world-renowned Italian musician-composer, Alessandro Alessandroni, master of many instruments, and prolific creator of music, celebrated his 90th birthday among friends in Swakopmund the past week. The namib times had the privilege to be invited to the delightful gathering, which turned out to be a vibrant get –together, graced by music of many local artists, […]

Rural constituency elects

Rural constituency elects

The National Youth Council of Namibia and the Erongo regional forum embarked on a restructuring mission when they recently hosted elections for new members of the Walvis Bay Youth Forum in both the urban and rural constituencies. The Youth Forum was established eight years ago and is being restructured every four years when an election takes […]

Nedbank explains hiccups with internet banking

Nedbank had a system update done recently and since then, has been experiencing technical difficulty with its internet banking. The newspaper received several complaints that clients are on the verge of moving to another bank, partly due to these problems and partly due to poor customer service. The namib times confronted the bank and Nedbank explained […]

Swakopmund Land Invasion Reaches Cul-de-sac

The land invaders at Swakopmund have changed their minds and will now follow the legal procedure to obtain land as op- posed to seizing and erecting structures on it. Godhardt Kandume, the leader of about 600 persons who invaded munici- pal land here in December last year, ad- mitted to Nampa on Sunday that they […]

FAO Calls for speedy consolidation of the country’s land acts

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) country representative to Namibia, Dr Babagana Ahmadu, has called on government to finalise the consolidation of the Ag- ricultural Land Reform Act and the Communal Land Reform Act. Both acts will be consolidated to become one Land Act, but discussions around the matter are still at the bill stage. […]

Heldedaad by Jetty

Heldedaad by Jetty

‘n 24-Jarige man het Sondagnamiddag net-net ‘n besliste waterdood vrygespring nadat hy, in wat voorkom as ‘n selfmoordpoging, van die ysterkaai in Swakopmund afgespring het. Volgens ‘n bron het die voorval  tussen  16:00 en 17:00 plaasgevind. Die jong man is blyk- baar  deur  ‘n  werknemer van die restaurant op die kaai opgemerk, en nadat hy […]

International Social Workers Day

Annually, Social Workers emphasise their valuable efforts and contributions in society and ultimately receive recognition for their work. This year is no exception as we celebrate International Social Workers Day on 17 March. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples’. An important aspect of Social Work is enhancing […]

Trucks, condition of traffic signs pose danger

The newspaper recently received complaints regarding several areas in Walvis Bay where a vehicle driver’s view is either obstructed by parked trucks, or the road  traffic signs are not clearly visible, posing danger to road users. Danny Beukes Die trokke is rerig n groot probleem… lyk nou al amper soos Nigeria. Danie Jacobs Hulle moet […]

Two men on trial for breaking into take-away

Ngoimue Veneruru and Shane Nawaseb, both 20 years old, appeared in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court yesterday for breaking into a local take-away in Kuisebmond last year and stealing an unspecified amount of cash. The two suspects are facing a charge of housebreaking with the intent to steal, and theft respectively. They are accused of […]

Suspected pollution a natural

Visitors to the Walvis Bay Waterfront informed namib times yesterday about a substance, looking a lot like oil, which covered an area stretching from the harbour, past the Waterfront, and drifting in the direction of the lagoon. Some residents were of the opinion that the layer of sediment was caused by a dredger of the […]